The Heart of the TiSi-Box

How the electronic spring load works

The main component is a motorized potentiometer with two tracks. (how to find them in stereo systems). The first potentiometer is used for detect of the actual position , while the second potentiometer can be used independently.

If an attempt is made, to bring the potentiometer out of the rest position (previously programmed or set ), via a mechanical friction clutch, the motor will try to counteract immediately until the rest position is reached again.

One of the challenges was the limiting of the current to a maximum of 150 mA obtained from the USB source. Furthermore, the motor voltage was increased beyond 5 volts to get an acceptable travel speed. Even a current sensor has been implemented.

On the software side, the challenge was to get an acceptable repeatability together with a deceleration without overshoots. You can’t discover, but it is the result of about one year of development.

If required, this potentiometer equipped with an electronically spring load, can be used in the same way as a potentiometer using a mechanical spring load.

All you need is a USB cable to power up the module and a 3-wire connection to the potentiometer. A reset button is also available.

If needed or if there is enough demand, we could sell the potentiometer as a stand-alone component. Just leave a note.

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