The HMM – Mode

Explanation of the HMM - Mode

The TiSI – Box has two additional functions which makes  the TiSi – Box unique. This gives the Simmer Community an additional benefit over the normal Tiller function. The selection of the  “DHM” (Dynamic Head Move)  Mode means, that on ground the head movement is coupled to the deflection of the steering tiller.

(explained in this Video:    entry mark 00:18)

When airborne,  however, the head movement  is coupled to the bank angle. When doing  small changes, it  works well enough. For small planes, like Gliders or one-mot-planes,  a more sophisticated solution is needed. This also applies to Airliners, if they are performing a circling approach under VFR conditions.

This is exactly what the HMM  (Head Move) Mode stands for. It gives you the the solution you need.

In the real world, if you are performing a turn,  the “Line of Sight” is pointing to the Target and not to the horizon. This target could be a runway,  pylons or obstacles.

Most Simmers are using predefined View-Settings selected via  assigned buttons on the joystick or on the keyboard. More or less a quick vision adjustment that looks unnatural.

However, the TiSi-Box is trying to simulate the natural “view” of a real pilot,  either by turning the potentiometer or automatically via the “DHM” mode.

Visit our YouTube channel and watch this video:

it explains the HMM – Mode in detail.

Of course you can change the view with buttons on the joystick or with the keyboard, but not as natural, comfortable and stress-free as with the TiSi-Box.

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