The TiSi – Box

Combined Tiller and Sight Control Box

  • The TiSi-Box combines the nose wheel steering with the sight control, using a self-centering rotary knob. In addition, a dynamic (virtual) head movement functionality has been added.
  • The box is based on an innovative potentiometer with an electronic self centering spring load.

The box will be connected  to the X-Plane 11 Simulator via an USB cable. On the simulator side, a plugin is needed, which is simply placed in the “Plugin” directory.  Thereafter the TiSi box is ready for use.

The hardware and software of the motorized potentiometer is proprietary, i.e. all the sources are NOT open. That’s because we may want to market it separately.

The interface electronics consists of an Arduino compatible board. It’s called the Teensy module, it comes in different variants. This boards can be clocked up to 110 MHz. In contrast, conventional Arduino boards are running at ca. 10 Mhz. This makes it possible, for the first time, to implement a very powerful software paired with the development environment of the Arduino world.

Loading the software in to the box  is a breeze.

Our videos, explaining the functionality of the TiSi-box, are much more expressive than reading. Important instructions and explanations are also available in written form( PDF).

On irregular intervals we are  publishing news, announcements, tips, etc. on our News-Blog.

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